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Why Hawk Academy?

Making SEO Optimised Content

Whether you’re a blogger, copy or content writer, there is no doubt that great writing is vital for SEO. 

With engaging written communication being more valuable than ever in 2020, we’ve made sure to cover off everything that you need to know to differentiate yourself from writers that don’t understand SEO.

Stay on the cutting edge of content as we constantly release new videos and methods to make sure that your readers (and more importantly, YOU) love the work that you are putting out.

Over the past 5 years we’ve worked with huge clients to help them improve their content creation, and today we’d love to help you with the same tactics that we’ve used to create an avalanche of traffic.

Imagine if you could predict what content would resonate.

With the technology and data available using trends and forecasting, we have trained massive teams of journalists how to predict what is going to get views and traffic and what isn’t. We want to show you the very same techniques that helped them pioneer in the space.

Stop producing content for the sake of it that nobody sees, and start producing content that people are actively looking for.

Learn how to produce SEO optimised content with specialised modules just for you.

Content writers and creators are the backbones of many businesses. We want to help you with keyword research, trend analysis, link acquisition, and so much more. Most importantly, we focus on how can you write content that actually ranks on Google.



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