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“Hawk Academy is one of the most important community contributions to the game of SEO in recent times.”

- Peter Mead, SEMRush Awarded Godfather of SEO.

We’re on a mission to combat the amount of misinformation online about SEO so Hawk Academy has some awesome features to help simplify the whole process for you so that you’re always working on the right thing at the right time.

  • Combat rising ad costs with SEO
  • Learn the most important marketing skill you can have in 2020 and beyond
  • Start getting and boosting the cheapest and highest converting traffic source around – SEO!

Hawk Academy is for beginners and intermediate’s alike, if you already know a bit of SEO but want to go through knowledge gaps, try the free quiz here. Once complete, it’ll advise you on what modules to go through based on your answers. If still not sure, you can start going through the three free modules that we have. This includes Digital PR which is an amazingly powerful linkbuilding method which actually landed Hawk Academy in several publications and has helped land Harry in Forbes which you can see here. 

Serious Guided Learning (Available in Beginner & Full Experience)

We understand that it can be hard to know what to do in the SEO world. We spent months analysing different courses out there, and came up with a unique way that delivers you a tailored experience depending on what you need to get you up and running as fast as possible, as well as more “free” learning in which you can go through modules of your own choosing.

Showing You How to Rank Sites From Scratch as well as Boost Rankings (Available in Full Experience)

Don’t believe that SEO still works in 2020? In this course we’ve even built a brand new website called wine regions australia to prove to you that you can rank a brand new website from scratch. Going through each step in parts to show you practical applications of what you just learnt, to the point where we are now getting invited on free wine tours – what a win!

Access to Quizes, Excel Sheets, Tools & Methadologies

Get behind the scenes access to hundreds of questions in different quizes designed to test and measure your knowledge, as well as excel sheets, templates, and other methadologies we use such as DIRTy SEO.

Interviews with Industry Experts (Available in Full Experience)

With massive brands such as Officeworks that do over a billion dollars in eCommerce sales, as well as service based business owners, massive bloggers, and cafe owners that are killing it with local SEO, hear from the people living and breathing SEO.

A Strong Community Focus (Available in Full Experience)

Get access to a closed forum to benchmark your SEO audits and practice completing them and reviewing others. Ask SEO questions and help others with SEO as you learn more. Get access to guides and resources that others have contributed or contribute your own handy notes that you have taken!

Hawk Academy Certification (Available in Full Experience)

Get certified by a specialised SEO agency with global recognition. Proudly display your knowledge on your profile, resume, or LinkedIn so that everyone can see your SEO prowess.


Get access to webinars, level ups, future modules, updates, and more.



Everything in Introduction +

FUll Experience

Everything in Beginner +

Not satisfied for any reason within 30 days? Get a full refund!

Why is it yearly? We include a years worth of updates (monthly additions and changes so that information is ALWAYS current - as well as adding new modules).

After a year the subscription will prompt to renew to keep getting new/updated content, if for some reason you don't want to renew you can still keep access to current content (not updates)