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"...Hands down the Best SEO Course... a Huge Time Saver"

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Hawk Academy is for beginners and intermediate’s alike. The most efficient, practical, and comprehensive way of learning SEO, designed for you. 

Below is an example of the unique hybrid dashboard you will be progressing through on your journey to becoming an SEO hawk.

Access to the same training material as a 9x Search Award winning agency.

Get access to the techniques we have used to win awards across every vertical of SEO you can imagine. We have boiled all our experience down to getting you up and soaring as fast as possible! 

With access to 22 hours (and growing) of content to give you a comprehensive understanding of SEO with data never seen before.

Showing You How to Rank Sites From Scratch as well as Boost Rankings 

Don’t believe that SEO still works in 2020? In this course we’ve even built a brand new website called wine regions Australia to prove to you that you can rank a brand new website from scratch. 

Going through each step in parts to show you practical applications of what you just learnt, to the point where we are now getting invited on free wine tours – what a win! 

Guided Learning with Quizzes, Custom Templates, Tools & Methodologies

Get behind the scenes access to hundreds of questions in different quizzes designed to test and measure your knowledge, as case studies, custom templates, and personal methodologies we use such as DIRTy SEO.

Interviews with Industry Titans 

We’ve worked with massive brands such as Officeworks that do over a billion dollars in eCommerce sales, as well as service based business owners, massive bloggers, and cafe owners that are killing it with local SEO.

We’ve got industry expert interviews inside each specific module.

A Strong Community Focus 

Get access to a closed forum & private Facebook group to help advance your own SEO. 

Ask the experts through every step of your journey. 

We’ve got everyone in here from complete beginners to huge eCommerce brands doing over $1B in sales. 

Hawk Academy Certification 

Get certified by a specialised SEO agency with global recognition. 

Proudly display your knowledge on your profile, resume, or LinkedIn so that everyone can see your SEO prowess.


Get access to webinars, level ups, future modules, updates, and more.



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Why is it yearly? We include a years worth of updates (monthly additions and changes so that information is ALWAYS current - as well as adding new modules).

After a year the subscription will prompt to renew to keep getting new/updated content, if for some reason you don't want to renew you can still keep access to current content (not updates)

It’s a massive SEO learning platform designed to take everything we’ve learnt over the past 5 years through StudioHawk and put it into an easy to follow course. Note we said easy, not quick. There are over 22 hours of video content in here!

We can’t say exactly how long it’ll take you to learn SEO, but if you’re a complete novice we’re confident that if you learn and apply our strategies, you’ll be way ahead of lots of marketers out there.

Organic traffic from Google is arguably some of the most valuable for you and your business which is why we love SEO so much, but even we admit it has a huge problem.

The amount of misinformation out there about SEO is staggering with one marketer telling to do A and another telling you to do B.

Everything we teach you in Hawk Academy is something we’ve tried and tested before through Studiohawk.

There’s no fluff and no theory going on here.

Over 22 hours of SEO content covering the 3 basic pillars: Onsite, Offsite & Technical SEO.

For more information, see pricing table here.

Our custom-built ranking system to help keep you accountable.

A community forum with loads of others just like you asking all the SEO questions you may have.

All the content in the course is done by Harry Sanders (Founder of StudioHawk) & Jake King Stanley (General Manager of StudioHawk).

Don’t worry we haven’t outsourced all the filming to someone we found on fiver. This is 100% us!

Hawk Academy is constantly evolving with updated modules coming out each month to make sure everything is up to date.

If there’s any major update, we’ll update those modules at no additional cost to you.

We talk about all different platforms, but we do advocate that for SEO purposes it’s a huge bonus if you’re on either WordPress or Shopify if you run an eCommerce store.

If you don’t love it after 30 days you’re entitled to a full refund. We’re that confident you’ll be blown away.

Essentially it’s built for anyone with a website who wants to boost their rankings but we’ve categorised it into 4 sections to make it easy for you.

  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers/CMOs
  • Side Hustlers
  • Content Writers