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Our quiz is designed to help you find gaps in your SEO knowledge so that you can: 

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Question 1

Which of the following is NOT a key component of javascript to consider?

Question 2

If Google renders the javascript on the site, does it also mean it has been indexed?

Question 3

What will you have to check manually that a crawler might not

Question 4

Why is it important to have heading tags on your website

Question 5

A sitemap.xml file lays out every single page on the website and without it Google won’t index you.

Question 6

True or False: the recommended word count for a blog article is always 500 words

Question 7

Why does having a personalized email matter when outreaching?

Question 8

The size of your brand can affect your link acquisition campaigns success

Question 9

Which of the following is NOT an important factor in determining whether a website is worth outreaching to:

Question 10

What is the difference between a backlink and a referring domain?

Question 11

A good SEO specialist knows to put the keyword as many times as possible on a page

Question 12

Paying for adwords does not directly give you a boost in the organic search results of Google

Question 13

What are the three pillars of SEO?

Question 14

Google can detect duplicate or stolen content on your website.

Question 15

What direct effect does Structured Data have on your site?

Question 16

You have to use a ccTLD when a country has multiple spoken languages

Question 17

What should you first do if your migration causes a sudden drop in traffic?

Question 18

When creating location pages, what should you keep in mind:

Question 19

Having a description on category pages is strongly recommended

Question 20

Why are author pages important?

Question 21

Is it important to respond to reviews you receive on your Google My Business profile?

Question 22

Which of the following can you analyse with Google Search Console

Question 23

What’s an example of a long tail keyword?

Question 24

A keyword gap analysis is the only accurate way to compare your business with your competitors.

Question 25

Google Trends can narrow it’s data for a keyword into a;

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