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The below quiz presents a series of questions sampled from different modules within Hawk Academy. It is designed to test your knowledge across different verticles of SEO, and upon completion, suggestion modules based on knowledge gaps from questions that were incorrect so that you can fill those gaps without focusing on content that you already know.

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Question 1

Which of the following is NOT a key component of javascript to consider?

Question 2

If Google renders the javascript on the site, does it also mean it has been indexed?

Question 3

What will you have to check manually that a crawler might not

Question 4

Why is it important to have heading tags on your website

Question 5

A sitemap.xml file lays out every single page on the website and without it Google won’t index you.

Question 6

What is the main purpose of a robots.txt file

Question 7

What is the difference between a page and a domain?

Question 8

What is site architecture/silo structure

Question 9

True or False: the recommended word count for a blog article is always 500 words

Question 10

List formats are great for SEO because:

Question 11

Which one of the following is not a blog format

Question 12

A best practice way of finding inspiration for a blog topic is

Question 13

The purpose of SEO friendly content is to:

Question 14

Where can an example blog use the seed keyword?

Question 15

Why does having a personalized email matter when outreaching?

Question 16

What is the main element of the Guest Posting technique

Question 17

The size of your brand can affect your link acquisition campaigns success

Question 18

When utilising the Press Callout technique, how quickly should we respond to callouts?

Question 19

Digital PR is a Great Method for Building What?

Question 20

Which of the following is NOT an important factor in determining whether a website is worth outreaching to:

Question 21

What is the difference between a backlink and a referring domain?

Question 22

A good SEO specialist knows to put the keyword as many times as possible on a page

Question 23

Paying for adwords does not directly give you a boost in the organic search results of Google

Question 24

What are the three pillars of SEO?

Question 25

Which of the following is important when it comes to technical SEO?

Question 26

Which of the following is FALSE when it comes to technical SEO?

Question 27

Google can detect duplicate or stolen content on your website.

Question 28

What direct effect does Structured Data have on your site?

Question 29

Which of the following is an example of a type of schema implementation:

Question 30

You have to use a ccTLD when a country has multiple spoken languages

Question 31

When rolling out a website to multiple countries, it’s important to use which attribute:

Question 32

When is there no point doing a redirect?

Question 33

What should you first do if your migration causes a sudden drop in traffic?

Question 34

What factors should you consider when migrating a website

Question 35

Why are service pages important?

Question 36

What should you NOT do when structuring your service pages?

Question 37

When creating location pages, what should you keep in mind:

Question 38

How many maximum clicks away (click depth) should important pages be from any other page on an ecommerce website?

Question 39

What is NOT a solution when too many URLs are being indexed from using faceted navigation?

Question 40

Having a description on category pages is strongly recommended

Question 41

Which one of these isn’t a search intent:

Question 42

What type of search intent is “what city is the next olympics”

Question 43

Why are author pages important?

Question 44

What does NAP stand for?

Question 45

What component of Google My Business will not be a direct ranking factor:

Question 46

Is it important to respond to reviews you receive on your Google My Business profile?

Question 47

Which of the following can you analyse with Google Search Console

Question 48

What’s an example of a long tail keyword?

Question 49

A keyword gap analysis is the only accurate way to compare your business with your competitors.

Question 50

When looking at a topic over a long period of time, what can we take from the data?

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