We’re On a Mission To Make great
SEO Education Accessible For All

Say hello to the Hawk Academy

For years now we’ve been running Australia’s largest SEO agency called Studiohawk with hundreds of clients from small business owners right up to enterprise clients such as Officeworks, Mecca, Amart, etc.

Even though their desires are drastically different we’ve found that they all have the same problem when it comes to SEO… Misinformation.

So we’ve made it our mission to combat this problem with Hawk Academy! Initially the idea came about in 2019 to build an education hub for clients to learn more about what goes on day to day in an SEO campaign, but as we built it out and more and more we decided to let the public see as well, because good SEO shouldn’t just be tied to an agency, it should be available to everyone.

Founded by Harry Sanders in 2020 Hawk Academy can be thought of as everything he’s learnt through every SEO campaign at Studiohawk.

Last year Studiohawk went on to become SEMRush’s agency of the year, as well as Optus Media Marketing and Advertising Business of the Year which we’re insanely proud of.

After 5 years of running the agency our clients reach their SEO goals and maintain an average of 300% ROI. How? We use white hat SEO techniques to make sure your site succeeds and isn’t at risk from Google penalties. Over 300 campaigns, and never a single penalisation or manual action due to our work.

It’s after this success that we wanted to open the doors to everyone and not just the big companies to really teach you how to rank your business.

When we’re not teaching SEO we’re probably playing videos games which may have rubbed off on the development of Hawk Academy as you can see in our gamification because we believe learning can also be fun!

Hopefully see you on the inside!