We’re on a Mission: To Make Great
SEO Education Accessible for Everybody.

Say hello to the experts behind Hawk Academy:

Who Are We, and Why Are We Trusted?

Since 2015, we’ve been running Australia’s largest SEO agency! Studiohawk has helped hundreds of clients, from small business owners right up to enterprise giants of Officeworks, Mecca and Amart, to soar high in their rankings and to be found easily online. We are now recognised as the top in our field after taking out the award for ‘Best Large SEO Agency – Globally.’ at the 2021 Global Search Awards!


Best Large SEO Agency

On top of the award and honour, Studiohawk has also won SEMrush’s 2020 Agency of The Year, as well as being recognised as the Optus Media Marketing and Advertising Business of the Year. We are insanely proud of all of these achievements.

Why Create a Learning Platform for SEO?

Even though the desires of our clients are drastically different, we’ve discovered that they all have the same problem when it comes to SEO: Misinformation.

We’ve made it our mission to combat this prevalent problem with HAWK ACADEMY: The only online education platform designed to give you an insight into what we do, how we navigate, and how we keep businesses ahead of every Google hurdle. Initially, the idea came about in 2019 to build an education hub for our clients, so that they could learn more about what goes on day to day in an SEO campaign. As we were building the platform; however, we decided we began to realise how beneficial it would be to allow the public to have access to this knowledge, because great SEO shouldn’t just be tied to an agency…

It should be available to everyone. Eventually founded by Harry Sanders in 2020, Hawk Academy showcases and teaches everything he’s learnt through the SEO campaigns encountered at Studiohawk.

Our clients reach their SEO goals and maintain an average of 300% return on their investment. How? We use ‘white hat’ SEO techniques to make sure your site succeeds without being at risk from any penalties Google may impart. Over 300 campaigns, and not a single penalisation. That’s how we rock.

After our level of success, we decided that we wanted to open the doors to everyone, not just the big companies, to really teach people how to rank your business. We believe that learning can be fun and satisfying experience, which is why Hawk Academy has been designed with a lot of love, and with your ultimate website success in mind. Let’s soar together!