SEO For Business Owners

Why Hawk Academy?

Tailoring Learning To A Busy Schedule

Business owners have just about the hardest job especially when it comes to SEO because there’s so many other things to think about that it’s easy to let it go to the bottom of that list.

Hawk Academy has some awesome features to help simplify the whole process for you so that you’re always working on the right thing at the right time.

Our guided learning features such as the free quiz & forum will help you and your team stay on course.

We believe Hawk Academy has everything you need inside to boost ranking because it’s all based on results we’ve achieved for amazing clients like Mecca cosmetics, Officeworks and The Good Guys over the past 5 years through Studiohawk.

Time Efficient Guided Learning

As business owners ourselves, we understand that trying to learn SEO can be full of fluff. We have a hybrid module that we created in Hawk Academy which cuts that right out, meaning that you can breeze through just the bits you need to learn, or really pull up the chair and invest in your SEO knowledge.

The choice is yours.

Understand What Your SEO Team is Doing

We have conducted hundreds of SEO campaigns, and the best ones have one thing in common. They understood what we were doing and helped match up the business goals with the SEO goals.

SEO could become your biggest source of leads through either yourself, or your team – maybe it already is! It’s important to understand exactly what is going on so that you don’t get burned and can stay ahead.



Everything in Introduction +

FUll Experience

Everything in Beginner +

Not satisfied for any reason within 30 days? Get a full refund!

Why is it yearly? We include a years worth of updates (monthly additions and changes so that information is ALWAYS current - as well as adding new modules).

After a year the subscription will prompt to renew to keep getting new/updated content, if for some reason you don't want to renew you can still keep access to current content (not updates)