This is the missing piece behind SEO - Education.

So we've launched a learning centre to teach you how to do it!

Training from an awarded agency

“SEO is the most important hard skill you can learn in 2020” - Microsoft

Small businesses and marketers struggling to fully harness their SEO potential are being offered a rare behind-the-scenes look at optimisation strategies used by us, an SEO specialist agency, StudioHawk. We’re not holding anything back and we’ll show you exactly what we do to make the big businesses rank on page one of google.

Maybe you’re a digital marketer who wants to upskill themselves, or perhaps you’ve got a side hustle that you’re really trying to get off the ground.

Perhaps you’ve already got some traction using social media and other channels, but are having trouble with constant changing Google and Facebook updates making your ads more expensive and reducing what you can.

Or maybe even you’ve just written off SEO because your mate Dave said it’s hard and takes ages.

This course is for you, whether you know nothing about SEO, or know the basics but need more guidance.

In this course we’ve even built a brand new website called wine regions australia to prove to you that you can rank a brand new website in 2020.



Everything in Introduction +

FUll Experience

Everything in Beginner +

Not satisfied for any reason within 30 days? Get a full refund!

Why is it yearly? We include a years worth of updates (monthly additions and changes so that information is ALWAYS current - as well as adding new modules).

After a year the subscription will prompt to renew to keep getting new/updated content, if for some reason you don't want to renew you can still keep access to current content (not updates)

You’re in Good Hands: