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How referrals work

Invite friends

Flick over a link to get them started. They can get started for FREE! It's better to learn together so why not join them.

Get A Discount

Win discounts among other goodies found in the extras page when you keep referring more friends!

Membership Upgrade

If you're currently on the free introduction you'll get upgraded to Beginner. If you're on beginner you'll get upgraded to Full Experience and if you're on Full Experience you'll get a full audit!

Common Questions

As soon as someone signs up using your link that counts as a referral. Whether they sign up to Introduction, Beginner or Full Experience it all counts as a referral.

You’ll be automatically leveled up to the rank above you, so if you’re on introduction you’ll get all the beginner courses for free! That’s right, totally free! Nope we haven’t lost it in lockdown we just really want to help you learn SEO.

Well firstly you’re a machine and clearly care about people learning SEO! If this happens you’ll keep leveling up until you can’t level up any more.