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We've used this method to get into Forbes, SmartCompany, The BBC, MarketWatch, News.com.au, MailOnline and many more!

Cutting through the noise in online marketing is arguably more important than ever and one of the best ways to build authority and get the right attention is to be posted by a trusted source, i.e the press. 

This used to be really hard! You had to: 

  • Build a great press release 
  • Change your angle when that didn’t work
  • Spend loads of time building relationships with journalists 

Today things are a little different with the demand for content skyrocketing and a lot less journalists to produce that content the tides have turned. 

Don’t believe us? Check out Harrys article in Forbes which you can see here. Check out his article in SmartCompany here and check out his article in news.com.au here.


What If Your Business Doesn’t Have An Interesting Story? 

Each business has a story to tell and something to pitch

If you’re in business then you’re solving someones problem or you’re bringing them something useful so lets bring that story to life and get it in the press! 


What If I’m really busy and I don’t have time to do PR?

We’re all busy running our businesses right now so the most important thing you can do is prioritise.

What’s the best thing I can do right now that’s going to bring me results? 

Getting High DA scoring websites to link to me is hard

If you’re doing it the old way then it’s almost impossible! 

But Remember that there’s more demand for high quality content today than ever before…

What Our Students Say

Just thought I’d chime in as a first time customer. I own a business in the U.S. ( Rapid Recovery and Rapid Recovery Tyler), heard about Hawk Academy on a podcast (Small Business Big Marketing), and decided “what the hell”. Getting this much training for 40 bucks is shoplifting. I’ve learned a half dozen things that were each worth twice that price alone. Can’t recommend it enough for people who do their own sites… but be prepared to work. Everything they tell you to do is w – o – r – k, but I feel good about it.

Robert Wheeler

I thought i already knew a lot about SEO having done it for 5 years on my business but the technical SEO module along the link-building stuff is gold! I’ve used it to grow my land rover parts business as SEO is the cheapest and best traffic we can get 🙂

Harvey Werb

Terrain Tech

Hawk Academy is hands down one of the most comprehensive SEO courses when it comes to technical SEO and building backlinks. The strategy outlined helped to better understand how to boost authority and it’s been a huge time saver. Knowing which strategy works best for a business based on size and spend has been invaluable.

Daniel Gladki


No matter what level you are in the field of SEO this course is for you. With comprehensive and quality videos and other resources, your progress will be at rocket speed. If you dedicate yourself to improvement, you will get results in a very short time. Thank you HawkAcademy!

Hamit Demir

After going through the linkbuilding modules I've already got a new backlink for my site and I'm working on my content strategy. By far one of the best SEO courses I've ever done

John Holmes

The best SEO course I've ever done! Since starting I've made some big changes to my website which has seen my keywords go up. I'm now working my way towards page 1 for my target keyword and it's all thanks to the Hawk Academy. the support is also amazing!

Will Rosindell

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