A 3 Month Program

Guided Learning by
Australia's Largest
Dedicated SEO agency


Month 1

In the first month you’re going to undo everything you know about SEO and go back to basics. If you’ve got a website/business you’re also going to find out exactly how to fix your simple stuff

Month 2

Learn the art of content & Technical SEO

Month 3

Become a master of strategy & long term planning


Join us in the StudioHawks Nest for an in person training session to complete the cycle!

Training From An Award Winning Agency

Semrush Winner

What makes Hawk Academy Different From Other SEO courses or Learning Platforms

We update as google updates.

It's no secret that every year google updates their algorithm which can tank rankings for some businesses. Hawk academy updates to keep with the times to ensure that the information is still relevant for your business.

Hawk Academy gets software updates!

Just like your iPhone or Tesla, Hawk Academy gets updated versions (mainly new modules) to deal with arising situations in SEO. This is nothing new but whats groundbreaking is the pricing. Almost all other courses and learning centres upsell this to you. Each update comes to you for $0 so long as you remain a member. 

Built by true industry

There are some excellent teachers out there who are amazing communicators, but how many of them are practising what they preach? We're built by Studiohawk, Australias largest dedicated SEO agency and for the past 6 years we've been running SEO campaigns for some of the largest businesses, such as New balance, Mecca, Officeworks & many others. 

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