How to Get Free and Paid Backlinks for Your Site 

You can go down many avenues to create backlinks to gain more attention for your website. While most require you to sign up for a retainer or pay a sizable fee, there are ways around paying for services to gain quality backlinks. Not to mention it’s against googles guidelines to pay for links!

Backlinks add credibility to your site because it shows that you must be very reputable if other companies link to your page. But it’s worth mentioning that quality always trumps quantity. Google’s Penguin algorithm update, launched in 2012, helped weed out websites by better rewarding quality sites. Before Penguin, webmasters got away with using black-hat link-building techniques that were popular with old-school link builders. Spamming forum pages with links to their websites & PBNs (private blog networks) we all the rage back then.

While it might seem easy to go onto Fiverr or pay for a guest post, those routes will often leave you wasting money and not gaining the backlinks you hoped for. Below, we will go over ways to get backlinks for your site that show significant results, are affordable, and in some cases, even free! 

  • Content Marketing Agencies: When looking into the services that content marketing agencies provide, it’s easy to see how you can sit back and watch the results piling in. With a content marketing agency, you can pay for content to be created for your site. These can be anything from a weekly newsletter to a blog. You also get the choice of paying a monthly fee if you require regular services, or you can decide to pay a flat rate for a one-time project. 

Backlinks are created easily through the content that is made as it helps with creating traffic on your social media pages as well as getting attention for your brand. Original content is also a great way to gain backlinks that are high quality as long as you choose an agency that puts a great amount of work into the content that they write. Keep in mind that if you need SEO services, content marketing agencies are not the best way to go. Also, make sure to ask ahead of time whether or not the fee includes promotion as often that is not included in the price. With that said, using a content marketing agency to create content for your site and social media pages is a pretty solid way to get backlinks. 

  • Blogger Outreach Services: If you do run into trouble with finding an affordable way to get promotion for your content and links, looking into blogger outreach services can be an easy way to get someone to promote your content. You can hire an individual or agency that promotes your content using mutual link building and blogger outreach. Most charge a flat fee for each link. 

Blogger Outreach Services are helpful if you only want backlinks. With most agencies and individuals, you will get quality white-hat links. But similar to using a content marketing agency, these services won’t be helpful if you need full SEO services. 

  • SEO Agency: If you do have some SEO needs that require time with professional handling, you should look into getting services from an SEO agency. They will focus on your SEO needs, including link building for your site. You can find discount services for up to $400/month, or if you require a little extra love and care, you can pay for dedicated services, which very much depend on the size of the campaign. If you are looking for an SEO agency to help you, get in touch with Studiohawk by clicking here.

Most agencies aren’t that helpful for the price they cost and aren’t focused enough on links, as only a small per cent of your budget with them goes to link building. Their focus also goes to mobile optimization and content, which does help with a website’s ranking on Google. On the other hand, an SEO agency will take care of all the things you need, from creating content and promoting it to making sure that it is saturated in SEO to help gain links and traffic. 

  • Infographic design company: You can also reach out to an infographic design company if you lack visual content. Their main goal is to create infographics and other forms of visual content with the focus of getting backlinks. This is a great way to gain a significant amount of referral traffic, and you can pay per model, so you don’t have to worry about signing up for a monthly fee without knowing whether it will make a difference for your site. A site with a great example of high-quality graphics is backlinko.

Most designs go for between $150-$1k, depending on if you want to sign up for a full service or just get one infographic. On the other hand, most don’t include the promotion for that price and are very hit or miss with their results, so it’s important to find a company that produces quality content.  

  • PR Agency: While most PR agencies don’t focus on links and usually don’t hold any guarantees, they do help your company connect with the press. PR agencies work with your company to create a newsworthy story that will capture the attention of readers for media outlets. Google then introduced Penguin, which was an update that made it easier to reward websites for having white-hat links. This created a push for digital PR. With digital PR, you use a network of journalists, bloggers, and influencers to create content for high-quality backlinks to your site. While most PR agencies require a monthly retainer between $2k-$15k/month, your company can put time into doing this for free digitally, specifically with the use of social media page activity and products that capture the attention of consumers. With this method, you will be able to gain very high-quality backlinks. If you choose to work with an agency, you can tap into an existing network. 

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